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1 weighs no more than 115 pounds
2 an amateur boxer who weighs no more than 112 pounds

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  1. a weight that moves outward depending on centrifugal force.
  2. a weight division of professional boxing between junior flyweight and junior bantamweight; a boxer in this division
  3. a similar division and contestant in wrestling

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Flyweight is a class in boxing which includes fighters weighing less than 112 lb (51 kg) but above 108 lb (49 kg).

Professional boxing

The flyweight division was the last of boxing's eight traditional weight classes to be established. Before 1909, anyone below featherweight was considered a bantamweight, regardless of how small the boxer. In 1911, the organization that eventually became the British Boxing Board of Control held a match that crowned Sid Smith as the first flyweight champion of the world. Jimmy Wilde, who reigned from 1914 to 1923, was the first fighter recognized both in Britain and the United States as a flyweight champion.
Some notable flyweights include Pone Kingpetch, Walter McGowan, Pascual Pérez, Pancho Villa, Dave McAuley, Miguel Canto, Pone Kingpetch, and Jorge Arce.

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Chinese boxer, bantamweight, black belt, boxer, brown belt, bruiser, catchweight, featherweight, fighter, fisticuffer, heavyweight, karate expert, light heavyweight, lightweight, middleweight, palooka, prizefighter, pug, pugilist, savate expert, sparrer, welterweight
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